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    Tianjin potential Siyuan water supply equipment Co., Ltd. (submersible pump) is a set of submersible pumps and water supply equipment development, development, production, sales and service in one of the large diversified enterprises, companies employ more than diving pump engineer, motor design expert, mechanical and electrical equipment engineering team, pay close attention to the production process, and strictly control the product quality, through years of efforts our products always maintain similar products in the country in the technology, performance, price price national leading level and dominant position.
         Company main deep well submersible pump, deep well latent heat electric pump, diving sewage pump, submersible axial flow pump, a full set of water supply equipment, complete product specifications, variety, widely used in deep water; urban, industrial and mining enterprises, water supply and drainage; agricultural drainage and irrigation, garden irrigation; geothermal development and utilization, heating system; urban rain and sewage discharge, recovery and utilization; mine drainage, rescue and other fields, the products sell well all over the country, exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and regions, praised by the majority of users.
         My company is located in Tianjin Jinnan District Station Industrial Park, convenient transportation, adjacent to the port and surrounding highway developed), has a modern production workshop, complete with advanced numerical control equipment, water pump assembly line and precise testing equipment, to ensure that the products of each link in the production of quality, and has built up to the highest level of pump performance testing center, each pump to go through strict testing factory, the effective protection of the products of high quality, high performance, low consumption, to ensure that products manufactured pass rate was 100%.
         Our company engaged in diving pump industry for many years, can according to the different requirements of customers, provide all the services required by the user, has formed a set of perfect product marketing management and service system, pre-sales: according to the actual needs of customers and problems with professional and technical personnel provide reliable suggestions, choose the best effective product support programs and free design, the production of special types of products; sales: actively organizing production, and timely arrangements for delivery; after-sales: with professional after-sales service personnel provide product installation, use and maintenance of guidance and fault row with the exception of the service.
         Our company adhering to win the enterprise management concept of the world "to the" quality of survival, quality and development, the credibility of the, in order to create the optimal product quality as the core of development, always adhere to climb the peak of science and technology, efforts to explore innovative pump industry technical field. My company is sincerely willing to work with the general user to promote the development of China's water pump industry!
        Welcome the masses of old and new customers to visit the guide, business negotiations, we will continue the efforts, for you to provide the best quality products and services, truly let every customer to buy affordable, with the rest assured, sale and peace of mind.

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